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Dumb Barges

A representative conceptual diagram of a dumb barge with the hexagonal dry-bulk container is as shown. This dumb barge can be navigated in shallow waters using small tugs. It is one of it’s kind and specially designed to operate in shallow waters and rivers and other water bodies.

The image shows a dumb barge design carrying one of it’s kind and world’s first hexagonal dry-bulk cargo containers. The barge is ideal for transshipment and anchorage operations.

Status: Discussed with various ship designers who found it feasible.


Introducing the world’s first hexagonal green dry-bulk container with the following features.

  • 1. User-friendly, ops-friendly and environment friendly
  • 2. 100% assurance in “quality and quantity”
  • 3. Highest degree of safety for cargoes
  • 4. Fully mechanized operations
  • 5. Zero contamination and pollution
  • 6. Fast operations
  • 7. Low cost

Shore Gangways

A versatile design which can be operated in high-tides, low-tides and normal conditions with the following features (as shown in the diagram):

  • 1. GI pie structure
  • 2. Aluminium structure
  • 3. MS Channel Type
  • 4. Recommended for Mundra Port

The gangway consists of two parts held together by a joint pin. This allows for the gangway to be used at different positions. Tide-friendly Shore Gangway.

Status: Order-Ready

Selfcare Toilets

Maintenance free toilet for off-shore/on-shore or on-board.

  • 1. Nozzles get operated by foot-pad pressure
  • 2. Grilled top-floor, bottom-floor is slanting to get dirt and rag rolled out towards the dustbin (no. 3)
  • 3. Dustbin

Self-care toilet is designed for rough and tough use. It is maintenance free and has a two level flooring. The top flooring is grilled through which all rags and filth washes down the second level which is slanted and finally it is washed into the dustbin. There is an automated nozzle which operates on foot pressure thus the toilet is self-caring and it conserves water which is important on an off-shore installation or vessel.

Status: Order-Ready (Prototype)