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Now we live in a world where the future is in innovation. A technology driven society’s success depends on the innovative spirit of it’s entrepreneurs and start-ups. The new India “Naya Bharat” under a sound leadership is encouraging this innovative spirit. We at Shallow Waterways Shipping would like to be a part of this.


The success of any idea depends on how it is implemented. Any idea to succeed requires optimization of the processes involved. Any idea or dream becomes a reality if a persistent and optimal processes is implemented.


India has missed the industrial revolution and is now for the first time giving importance to manufacturing and services which can provide large amount of employment. To be competitive in the industry 4 revolution we’ll need to automate and boost our efficiency to match the global standard.

Our Mission

Shallow Waterways Shipping Pvt. Ltd. is committed to innovate and produce new products for the shipping industry. India has a large collection of inland and shallow water bodies which remain under-utilized or unutilized. We think a great transformation is needed in the field of inland water transportation in India and we wish to lead this transformation by providing innovative products and services that bring about optimization and automation to inland water transportation.